On an average day

I am a graduate from Kent State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a Master’s in public relations and from The State University of New York College (SUNY) at Plattsburgh with a Bachelor’s in public relations.

I know how to manage my time wisely with a variety of projects; I do so every day. I believe my array of hobbies is a great example.

Passionate Writer

Growing up with an appreciation for reading and writing has significantly developed my aspirations. My passion flourishes through my work and previous experience at the Saranac Review; my personal writing blog, “Fairytales,” which I’ve cultivated since 2010; my editing, critiquing and proofreading freelance business I offer to emerging, self-published authors; and the array of books I’ve written, fiction and non-fiction, including the Wattpad featured guidebook, “Edit like an Editor: A Wattpad Featured Guide to Writing, Revising & Publishing.”

Motivated Leader

For more than three years during my college career, I worked for the Saranac Review, an internationally published literary journal processed through SUNY Plattsburgh’s campus. I was involved in the complete process, which included receiving submissions all the way to acceptance and publication.

While I was the editorial assistant supervisor and the administrative assistant for the Saranac Review, I had come to enjoy managing and delegating to a group of people. During my last semester of undergrad, I was appointed as the executive board secretary for Cardinal PR, a student-run PR firm, where I managed and delegated to 16 junior account executives with my fellow executive board members.

I aspire to hold a position in the future where I can manage, delegate and inspire a group of people. For now, I manage the communications solely at Child Care Services Association, but do supervise an intern every so often.

Time Management Expert

While working part-time for the Saranac Review and attending school full-time, I was on two teams managing two different niches of PR. One was a non-profit youth center fundraising campaign that raised over $20,000 and the other was a preventive program for young girls planning an annual overnight conference, among other things.

My last semester of undergrad, I was selling jewlery part-time at Kay Jeweler’s, I was still on the planning committee for Shine On! and I was a senior account executive and executive board secretary for the campus’s student-run PR firm, managing a team of junior account executives. I believe it says a lot that I was able to overcome any obstacles, professional or personal, that came my way and still be able to make Dean’s List my last undergraduate semester.

From January 2017 to December 2018, I worked full-time at Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic, Carolina Ear Research Institute and Camp Woodbine while also attending graduate school online full-time, and was able to graduate with a 3.64 GPA. I pride myself on how far I’ve grown in my successes with managing multiple projects at once.

Creative Initiator

Among reading and writing, my passions are also in music, interior design and cooking. I was a very entrepreneurial child, pretending to own a library, bed & breakfast, restaurant and cafe, and even pretending to teach English to my younger brother. That entrepreneurial motivation fueled me to create my own business at 13-years-old—teaching children piano after learning it myself for eight years.

Growing up, I adored playing imaginative games of running a restaurant as a hostess, waitress and chef. My passion in the kitchen blossomed once I attended the culinary program at the local BOCES technical school during my junior year of high school. This experience taught me professional cooking wasn’t an ideal career for me, but I still love experimenting in the kitchen today. So much so, I started a cooking blog where I cook homemade gourmet recipes at an affordable and simple level any other 20-something like myself can handle.

Interior design is one of my most practiced hobbies. I often design floor plans and am always rearranging my dream home in mind. I bring those inspirations to life in the video game The Sims, an interactive role-playing game where you can control the lives of ‘Sims’ and build with practically no limits to architecture and interior design. It’s mostly for fun, but I do get requests from friends every so often to help them design their homes.

Editorial Freelancer

The entrepreneurial spirit blossoming since my childhood motivated me to establish my own freelance fiction editorial services. I copy edit, critique and proofread fiction manuscripts for self-publishing and emerging authors from around the globe. I have worked with over 30 authors, totaling more than 5 million online views through the platform Wattpad.com, a story sharing website. One of my clients has published a novel thus far.

Thank you for reading this far to learn a bit more about me!

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