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Fairytales – Creativity That Stands Out

September 2010

About The Blog:

“Fairytales” consists of my many creative outlets. It features poetry, lyrics, quotes, news and feature articles, novel/film reviews, short stories and more. It has over 800 followers.

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Homemade Gourmet for 20-Somethings

January 2016

About The Blog:

“Homemade Gourmet for 20-Somethings” was inspired not just by my love for food and cooking, but also for homemade gourmet food in a simple and affordable way for 20-somethings like myself. This foodie blog is one of my many hobbies and filled with delicious homemade gourmet recipes and my take on them as I make them. It has over 800 followers.

jgfairytales Services

August 2016

About The Website:

I offer my editorial freelancing services through this professional website.

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Jennifer Gioia Writes

March 2018

About The Website:

This website showcases my drafted works of fiction I’ve published on and aspire to publish traditionally in the next coming years.