Editorial Freelancer

Editorial Freelancer

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jgfairytales Freelance Services

July 2016 – Present

Self-published and emerging authors from around the globe request my services. I manage a handful of clients per year, in a variety of fictional genres with completed or in-progress manuscripts as large as 200,000 words.

Professional Work

  • Charge a flat hourly rate to critique, extensively edit and copy edit and proofread completed fiction manuscripts one phase away from publication.

Pro Bono Work

  • Critiqued, extensively edited and copy edited, and proofread completed fiction manuscripts for emerging authors through Wattpad.com.
  • Worked with more than 30 emerging authors with a total of almost 5 million online reads on Wattpad.com.
  • I’m proud to say one of my first pro bono clients has been published: “Prosper (War Shadows)” by H.J. Peterson.
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